Getting To Know You:

Through our initial questionnaire and first meeting, we will tap into your signature style. Who do you want to be? What are your goals? Tell us. We will listen, as you know yourself far better than anyone.


Closet Curation:

Invite us into your closet of curiosities. We'll study your wardrobe, hone in on your must-keeps, and provide psychological support as you part ways with that shirt that just... must... go. Our goal is to help you develop a wardrobe that is authentic to you, built on a platform of iconic essentials that won't look dated before you get a chance to wear them.


Shopping List:

We'll deliver a personalized list of essentials and options for your re-imagined wardrobe. We will be specific, telling you where to pick up a must-have coat at a shockingly low price or how to find unusual sizes in unexpected places. Think of this as the map to your own retail adventures.




Retail Adventure:

We will take you shopping to find the key items on your list. We'll act as your tour guides, taking you to the hidden spots and secret stashes that are miles from any mall. Too busy? The StyleKouncil can do the shopping so you don't have to.




• Styling for special events and personal occasions
• Vintage pieces from our extensive collection for purchase

• Price: more affordable than you'd think